Independent Sellers

Thousands of independent companies and individuals sell new, used, and refurbished medical products, services, and much more.

We do more than sell!

MGG has a wide variety of services from stores, individual listings, advertising, latest industry news, verified vendors, and much more.

Secure Payments

We use the best technology available to keep your transactions safe and secure. We know trust is very important for you, and we make it our focus.

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Why choose MedGlobal Group?

MGG Customer Service

We have a team of Client Partners – CPs -focused on providing our users with ideas on how to get the most of their MGG account, giving answers to questions, solutions to concerns, and enhancing every user's experience.

MGG Trust Center

MGG offers a huge variety of products and services to choose from, and sometimes it can be hard to know which seller to buy from. We know trust is especially important. That is why we have developed tools to build a trustworthy community.

MGG Stores

Stores on MGG are included on the Start-Up, Business, and Corporate accounts. Stores include listings of the products offered, company information, trust center, chat service, selling online, analytics, and a friendly dashboard to manage the store.

Satisfied customers



Usually, the same day or the day after we send the promotion with the MGG team, we have a response from customers. Sales have increased with advertising.



Advertising with MGG has worked quite well for me. The level of reach that MGG has is quite broad. The response from our clients has been outstanding. I have excellent recommendations for MGG.



MGG has been an excellent tool to have a greater reach with new clients. Especially with their email marketing campaigns and ad platform. Fortunately, it has brought us a lot of sales. We have increased sales by approximately 20% with the offers promoted in the emailing campaigns.



The MGG team has been an Awesome Resource in connecting us customers that we previously would not have been able to connect with. I highly recommend working with them as the Services & Support we receive is Outstanding!