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MedGlobal Group is a customer-centric company. Whether you buy, sell, or advertise with MGG, we use the same approach, which we call the MGG FOCUS, to deliver quality.

Our Focus is on our customers!

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Our focus


Simple navigation for users to search and locate products and services and simple but powerful tools for sellers to offer products and services.


MGG offers a variety of ways to contact our Client Partner team. We are here to assist and solve any questions. MGG also offers a FAQ system powered by AI and tips and tricks to improve your experience.


MGG offers our vendors a free Verified Vendor service. Vendors awarded with this distinguished certification have gone through an extensive background investigation. Our MGG Score also measures our vendor's performance on our platforms. Do not forget to use our user ratings and reviews.


A user experience matters most, and our philosophy is satisfaction which begins on the inside with our teams.  MGG creates an excellent working environment and uses that power to deliver excellence to our users. We motivate teams that deliver excellence.


We have designed our platform through efficiency using the latest technology; therefore, we can give fair-priced services while maintaining exceptional quality.  Our subscription packages and advertising prices are the lowest in the industry, allowing our users to see savings.


The team at MedGlobal Group has been around since 2014 as VentasMedicas and has grown to be the largest medical industry platform in Latin America. MedGlobal Group brings experience to a new way to sell medical products and services.

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