Improve Your Listings

Here are some tips & tricks that can help you get your listings to reach the top!

1 Keywords

Keywords are very important to help your listing appear in more relevant search results. You'll drive better traffic to your listing and earn more conversions for your business.

Pro Tip: Think like a customer and how they would search for your products, or use a Keyword Tool.

2 Add Great Images!

Image quality, not quantity, is best. Images can make or break your sale. Take your time and add great photos to your listing. Below are some great photo-taking tips!

  • Use proper lighting light and no flash if possible.
  • Show the item from different perspectives., and make sure to point our defects.
  • Photograph with a simple and clean background. No logos or company information.
  • Use as high-quality an image as possible.

3 Make easy-to-read and understand descriptions.

Many users sweep for the product they're looking for, but when they see and read something interesting and eye-catching, they will stop to learn more.

Always add complete and easy-to-understand information for each of your listings, and this will help the user feel more confident in buying your product and lead to positive ratings.

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