Build Your Trust and Reputation - Become a Verified Vendor

MedGlobal Group welcomes all our sellers of equipment, products, and services to become a Verified Vendor.

Trust, ethics, and reputation are key to helping buyers make good decisions when selecting equipment and services to purchase from the best seller; therefore, MedGlobal Group has created the Verified Vendor certification process available for free to all sellers within our program.

MedGlobal Group vets verified Vendors, and these sellers comply with the MedGlobal Group Code of Ethics and Conduct, provide reputable references, agree to specific dispute resolution processes, and present transparent policies.

Shop With a Verified Vendor, and Shop with Confidence

1 Become recognized as a trusted seller on MedGlobal Group.

2 Recognition as a Verified Vendor in MedGlobal Group publications.

3 MedGlobal Group listings and stores will receive the Verified Vendor logo badge.

4 All Verified Vendors receive a certificate of recognition.

5 All Verified Vendors receive a recognition exhibit poster.

6 All Verified Vendors will receive recognition pins for staff.

7 All Verified Vendors are eligible for referrals from MedGlobal Group.

8 Participation in the Verified Vendor program increases your MGG Score.

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