7 best practices for designing display ads for MGG

If you are new to creating display ads - banner ads - or if you want to improve the performance of your display ads, we have some tips that can help you

If you are new to creating display ads - banner ads - or if you want to improve the performance of your display ads, we have some tips that can help you:

1 Add your logo

The main objective of display advertising is to make users aware of your brand and to generate more traffic to your website. In order for users to recognize your brand, you must include your company logo in the ad clearly visible . The following ad uses the proportion of your logo very well: it is neither too big nor too small Your logo must be in a visible place in the ad and contrast with the rest of the content that is displayed, this creates a visually balanced ad. You can improve the number of clicks on your ad simply by following this tip.

2 Present your value proposition clearly

Your value proposition will also get the audience to click on your ad. The value proposition showcases the best features of your product or service. Ask yourself, what sets you apart from your competition? Why should people click on your ad?You can choose an innovative feature or an attractive offer (50% off, free shipping, etc.) The value proposition should cover most of the space in your ad and be the first thing that attracts the eyes of your spectators.

3 Choose a compelling call to action

Adding a button to your ad increases click-through rate. Use a bold color to make it stand out, and choose your words carefully. Phrases like "Click here", "Learn more", "Read Now" or "Sign Up Here" will get users to click on your ad. The call to action is usually placed in the bottom half of a display ad. The following display ad focuses almost entirely on the call to action. Because the ad is simple and not overly crowded, the call to action can be long and to the point, something you don't see too often in advertising.

4 Keep your designs and text simple

Users browsing the web will likely see your ad for only a few seconds. In that time, they should be able to tell what your brand is and what your core message is. The more clarity, the more people remember the message Make sure your ads are simple and clear both visually and in content. With simple backgrounds, the product is always the main focus.The ad copy shows the value proposition in just a few words, and the call to the action is clear and concise.

5 Impressive Images

Images, whether they are illustrations or photos, can take a display ad to a whole new level. Consider the images you select – they need to be meaningful and support your message.

6 Make sure your design matches your brand guidelines

Your display ads should closely match your brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency across all of your marketing efforts. If your brand personality is constantly changing from one medium to another, you'll have a hard time building awareness of brand and brand loyalty.

7 Test your design over and over again

Keep in mind that the best practices in this article are guidelines to help you produce compelling display ads. Just because you follow all of these best practices doesn't mean they'll automatically work for your brand or campaign. The best way One way to know what works and what doesn't for YOUR brand is to A/B test different layouts. Test different text, different backgrounds, multiple images, multiple calls to action, to find out which ad is getting the best results.

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