Subscription Plans

MedGlobal Group offers the best services and selling tools at affordable prices designed to help your business grow.

Save 15%



$0 USD 

Best for trying our plaform.

  • Number of Listings


  • Photos of Listings

  • Sell Online

  • Webstore

  • Comission on Sales


  • Start Up


    $400 USD 

    Best for starting up your business.

  • Number of Listings


  • Photos of Listings

  • Sell Online

  • Webstore

  • Comission on Sales


  • Business


    $700 USD 

    Best for taking you store to the next level.

  • Number of Listings


  • Photos of Listings

  • Sell Online

  • Webstore

  • Comission on Sales


  • Corporate


    $1,100 USD 

    Bring MGG to your company with exclusive features.

  • Number of Listings


  • Photos of Listings

  • Sell Online

  • Webstore

  • Comission on Sales


  • All accounts include:

    The ability to sell and publish your listings in all categories.

    Upload your products manually or through Excel.

    A friendly dashboard to manage your listings and your account.

    Live chat service to communicate efficiently with your customers.

    Analytics that show you all relevant information on your account.

    GDPR and PCI Compliance.

    Need More Benefits? MGG Gives You Benefits!

    If you choose a Start-Up, Business, or Corporate Account, you have more benefits:


    Your store includes all your contact information, logo, listings you have uploaded to MGG, and a friendly dashboard to manage your sales and sales team.

    EZ Quote enrollment

    You will automatically receive requests from potential buyers for the equipment categories where your company has equipment listed.

    Reach a wider audience

    Visibility in our monthly digital INSIGHTS Magazine.

    Advanced chat support

    Send documents and photos through the live chat service

    Inventory Control

    Manage your inventory from your dashboard, so every visitor knows if your products are in stock.

    Choose a Business or Corporate account, and you will have access to our API to upload your products faster, and an option to add videos to your listings. Video content has shown to be more effective on many different platforms compared to photos.

    Help when you need it

    Client Partners are our primary service team focused on providing you with ideas on how to get the most of your MGG account.

    Highly trained team

    Client specialists who support you with growing your visibility, business, and sales contacts. Their only focus is to help you improve your business on MedGlobal Group.

    We help you grow

    Using technology, Client Partners will monitor listings, web stores, and advertising, with only one goal: to improve your visibility and sales contacts.

    We help you improve

    Client Partners will provide training, recommendations to improve your listings and web store, and offer new programs to increase your sales.

    We are here when you need us

    Client Partners can work with you via email or by telephone – it is your way.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do fees work on MedGlobalGroup?

    Joining and starting selling up to 40 products on MedGlobalGroup is free. Commission on sales on a free package is 3% plus the commission STRIPE charges for processing the payment. Three upper subscription levels will allow you to have reduced commissions from MedGlobalGroup, have a store, a store manager, send attachments on your chat, enroll on the EZ Quote service, and much more. Please check the Subscription Plans table to see all details.

    What do I need to do to create a store?

    It's easy to set up a store on MedGlobal Group.

    • Create an account (if you don't already have one),
    • Add your company information,
    • Choose a paid subscription plan,
    • Add your billing and shipping information, - If you do not have a STRIPE account, you will need to create one-
    • Start uploading your products, and

    How do I get paid?

    We use STRIPE as a payment system. Funds from your sales are deposited directly to your STRIPE account.

    What can I sell on MedGlobal Group?

    MedGlobal Group provides a marketplace for manufacturers, distributors, and general users to sell new, used, and refurbished medical equipment, products, parts and accessories, and services. Please read our Terms and Conditions before starting selling on MedGlobal Group, and be sure you comply with all laws and regulations to sell your products. Many countries may require specific certification issued by the country where the equipment or product is approved to be sold.