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Welcome to MedGlobal Group, where you'll find a comprehensive selection of high-quality medical testing devices to meet your diagnostic needs.

We understand the importance of accurate and efficient testing in healthcare. Whether you're looking for advanced CT scanners or other medical testing equipment, we have a wide range of solutions to enhance your diagnostic capabilities. Explore our selection and discover top-notch medical testing equipment. Top CT Scanners for Precise Imaging:

  1. Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS+: The Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS+ CT scanner offers high-definition imaging, exceptional spatial resolution, and advanced image reconstruction algorithms. It provides detailed and accurate images for accurate diagnoses.
  2. GE Revolution CT: The GE Revolution CT scanner delivers exceptional image quality with reduced radiation dose. It features fast scanning speeds and advanced cardiac imaging capabilities, allowing for precise diagnosis.
  3. Philips Ingenuity CT: The Philips Ingenuity CT scanner delivers high-resolution images with reduced radiation dose. It offers a wide range of clinical applications and advanced features to ensure accurate and detailed diagnoses.
  4. Canon Medical Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition: The Canon Medical Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition CT scanner combines advanced technologies, such as one-beat cardiac imaging and whole-brain perfusion, to provide comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.
  5. Siemens SOMATOM Force: The Siemens SOMATOM Force CT scanner utilizes dual-source technology for fast, high-quality imaging with low radiation dose. It offers excellent temporal resolution and advanced cardiac imaging capabilities.
  6. GE Optima CT660: The GE Optima CT660 scanner offers fast and accurate imaging with low radiation dose. It incorporates advanced dose reduction technologies and provides versatile clinical applications.
  7. Philips Brilliance iCT: The Philips Brilliance iCT scanner delivers exceptional image quality, fast scanning speeds, and low radiation dose. It offers advanced cardiac imaging and neuroimaging capabilities, ensuring precise and reliable diagnoses.
  8. Canon Medical Aquilion Prime SP: The Canon Medical Aquilion Prime SP CT scanner combines high-quality imaging with enhanced patient comfort. It incorporates advanced dose reduction technologies and improves workflow efficiency.
  9. Siemens SOMATOM go.All: The Siemens SOMATOM go.All CT scanner is a versatile system designed for a wide range of clinical applications. It offers fast scanning, low radiation dose, and seamless workflow integration for efficient and accurate diagnoses.
  10. GE Discovery CT750 HD: The GE Discovery CT750 HD scanner provides high-definition imaging with reduced radiation dose. It offers fast scanning speeds, advanced cardiac imaging, and excellent image quality, ensuring precise diagnostic results. Please note that availability, specifications, and prices may vary.

We recommend consulting with a medical imaging professional or contacting our knowledgeable customer support team for accurate information and assistance in selecting the right CT scanner for your specific requirements. Browse our extensive collection of medical testing equipment and discover the tools you need to elevate your diagnostic capabilities. We prioritize providing healthcare professionals with top-quality products to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective patient care.