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Welcome to MedGlobal Group, where you'll find a selection of high-quality medical view boxes and illuminators.

ViewBoxes play a crucial role in radiology and medical imaging, providing a reliable and efficient means of viewing X-rays, radiographs, and other medical images. We offer a range of view boxes to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. Explore our selection and enhance your diagnostic capabilities with top-notch view boxes and illuminators. Top ViewBoxes and Illuminators for Radiology and Medical Imaging:

  1. Wolf X-Ray Slimline LED Illuminator: The Wolf X-Ray Slimline LED Illuminator provides uniform and bright illumination for accurate and detailed image viewing. It features energy-efficient LED technology and a slim design, making it ideal for radiology applications.
  2. WIDE Lite-UP LED Illuminator: The WIDE Lite-UP LED Illuminator offers a high-intensity light source for optimal image viewing. It features a lightweight and compact design, making it suitable for both medical clinics and portable use.
  3. Kimura Slimline LED Viewbox: The Kimura Slimline LED Viewbox delivers uniform and glare-free illumination for precise image evaluation. It is designed to provide high-quality image viewing while minimizing eye fatigue.
  4. Radtech X-1 X-Ray Film Illuminator: The Radtech X-1 X-Ray Film Illuminator offers excellent image clarity and brightness. It is designed to provide consistent illumination for X-ray films, ensuring accurate diagnosis and analysis.
  5. NDSsi Surgical Lighthead: The NDSsi Surgical Lighthead is a high-performance lighting system designed for medical imaging and surgical procedures. It offers exceptional brightness and color accuracy for accurate visualization.
  6. Barco Coronis Fusion 6MP DL Medical Display System: The Barco Coronis Fusion 6MP DL Medical Display System provides high-resolution imaging for diagnostic radiology. It offers advanced image quality, precise color reproduction, and efficient workflow.
  7. EIZO RadiForce GX550 5MP Diagnostic Radiology Monitor: The EIZO RadiForce GX550 is a 5MP diagnostic radiology monitor that delivers precise and detailed image rendering. It is designed for accurate diagnosis and efficient clinical workflows.
  8. Double Black Imaging Dual Head 2MP Color Diagnostic Display: The Double Black Imaging Dual Head 2MP Color Diagnostic Display is a high-quality display system for medical imaging. It offers excellent color accuracy and image clarity for precise diagnostic evaluations.
  9. NEC MultiSync MD242C2 Medical Diagnostic Monitor: The NEC MultiSync MD242C2 is a medical diagnostic monitor that provides accurate and reliable image display. It offers advanced color calibration and consistent image quality for diagnostic interpretation.
  10. JVC Radiance S3D Autostereoscopic Display: The JVC Radiance S3D Autostereoscopic Display offers a glasses-free 3D viewing experience for medical imaging. It provides a realistic visualization of medical images with depth and clarity.

In addition to the above view boxes and illuminators, we also offer a range of other medical imaging equipment and accessories to support your radiology needs. We partner with reputable manufacturers known for their commitment to quality and accuracy. Shop now to explore our comprehensive selection of view boxes and illuminators. We prioritize providing healthcare professionals with top-quality products to ensure accurate and efficient medical image viewing. Start browsing our range of view boxes today and enhance your diagnostic capabilities.