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Welcome to MedGlobal Group, where you'll find a comprehensive selection of high-quality X-ray equipment for sale. X-ray technology plays a crucial role in medical imaging, enabling healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat various conditions

Whether you're looking for a portable X-ray machine, dental X-ray equipment, or advanced digital radiography systems, we have the X-ray solutions to meet your needs. Explore our selection and enhance your diagnostic capabilities with top-notch X-ray equipment. Top X-Ray Machines and Systems for Accurate Imaging:

  1. GE Healthcare Optima XR240amx Portable X-ray System: The Optima XR240amx is a portable X-ray system that offers exceptional image quality and flexibility. It provides on-demand imaging in various healthcare settings, delivering high-quality diagnostic images.
  2. Philips DigitalDiagnost C90 Digital Radiography System: The DigitalDiagnost C90 is an advanced digital radiography system that combines high image quality with efficient workflow. It offers intelligent automation and excellent dose management for precise diagnostics.
  3. Canon Medical Radrex-i X-ray System: The Radrex-i is a versatile X-ray system that provides high-resolution imaging and advanced clinical applications. It offers exceptional image quality and dose management for accurate diagnoses.
  4. Siemens Healthineers Luminos Agile Max Fluoroscopy System: The Luminos Agile Max is a fluoroscopy system that offers real-time imaging for various clinical procedures. It provides advanced functionality and excellent image quality for interventional radiology and other applications.
  5. Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus Digital Radiography System: The DRX-Evolution Plus is a digital radiography system that offers advanced image capture and processing capabilities. It provides efficient workflow and high image quality for diverse clinical applications.
  6. Shimadzu Sonialvision G4 Universal R/F System: The Sonialvision G4 is a universal R/F system that combines fluoroscopy and radiography capabilities. It offers advanced imaging functionality and comprehensive clinical applications.
  7. Fujifilm FDR D-EVO II DR System: The FDR D-EVO II is a digital radiography system that offers exceptional image quality and dose efficiency. It provides rapid image acquisition and supports various imaging exams.
  8. Hitachi Aloka ProSound F75 Ultrasound System with Radiography Function: The ProSound F75 is an advanced ultrasound system that offers integrated radiography capabilities. It provides comprehensive imaging solutions and exceptional image quality.
  9. Hologic Horizon DXA System for Bone Densitometry: The Horizon DXA System is designed for bone densitometry, providing accurate and precise measurement of bone mineral density. It offers advanced clinical tools for osteoporosis assessment.
  10. Agfa HealthCare DR 800 Multi-Purpose Digital Imaging System: The DR 800 is a multi-purpose digital imaging system that offers versatile radiography capabilities. It combines digital radiography and fluoroscopy in a single system for efficient imaging workflows.

In addition to the above X-ray machines and systems, we also offer a wide range of X-ray accessories, films, and other imaging supplies to support your diagnostic needs. We partner with reputable manufacturers known for their commitment to quality and innovation. Shop now to explore our comprehensive selection of X-ray equipment. We prioritize providing healthcare professionals with the latest advancements in X-ray technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and efficient patient care. Start browsing our range of X-ray equipment today and elevate your diagnostic capabilities.