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Dear MedGlobal Group Network,

I am proud to deliver the newest and most advanced online marketplace for medical equipment, products, and services to the healthcare industry. The name MedGlobal Group is new, but our experience and knowledge in the industry are not by far. MedGlobal Group, formerly VentasMedicas, has used that know-how to design and develop the most technological and most innovative online marketplace for the medical industry.

In 2014, my wife, Patricia, and I sat down at our kitchen table and started designing the first medical equipment, products, and services online marketplace for Latin America. We assembled a small team, and in 2015, we launched VentasMedicas (translated – Medical Sales). We have over 25 years in the industry. I held previous roles as an executive for various healthcare organizations, designing and constructing healthcare projects, sourcing medical equipment, products, and services, and owning a medical equipment supply company for over ten years. I also sat on a sourcing committee for a national healthcare product purchasing group for many years, helping the industry find the best products with optimal pricing. The true reason we launched was to help bring better product options and availability to the region. The healthcare industry suffered due to the lack of available and quality medical products.

I now look back at those days and have a deep appreciation for the struggles of designing, developing, and launching a new platform in a region that was not familiar with using online platforms. I recall, we had 700 visitors to the website in the first month, and we were very excited.

We have enjoyed positive growth over the years and quickly expanded services and moved into new regions. Our average growth from 2015 to 2021 was 27% annually. As VentasMedicas, we attribute this success to our customer service. We recognize that service will always be at the top of the minds of our clients.

In 2019, we looked inward as a company and decided our mission to the industry was incomplete. The medical industry marketplace needed something new. Something modern with tools and technology designed to deliver greater value for clients and users alike. To answer the call, we developed a unique partnership and expanded our teams to include some of the best designers and developers in the industry. We improved our customer service team to provide better service and become a partner to our clients, helping them improve their presence on our platforms. Lastly, expanding into the international marketplace in multiple languages, we decided we needed more than a new look – welcome to MedGlobal Group.

MedGlobal Group was two years in the making using input and focus groups from both clients and users. Our goal was to develop platforms for the medical industry with input from the industry participants. For this reason, we created the MGG Focus - Simplicity, Service, Trust, Satisfaction, Cost, and Experience. Platforms today are confusing, too costly, lack trust, and do not have the experience or service to deliver satisfaction.

We have also added a truly interactive digital magazine called Insights that delivers eye-popping graphics, articles, distributor listings, and much more in a way the user wants to consume. Insights will be available in January 2022. Of course, we have a lot more coming in the future that will continue to build the largest network in the industry.

Lastly, MedGlobal Group is all about social responsibility. We have one world, and we all should be participants in making our earth a better place to live. Patricia and I are passionate about helping those in need and are founders and operate two nonprofit organizations that serve young women in poverty by providing college education and essential life skills. To learn more, please visit

Obrigado pela sua visita ao MedGlobal Group. Estamos aqui para servir os nossos utilizadores com uma abordagem única, e espero que se torne parte da Rede MGG.

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson

Co-Fundador e Chefe Executivo

Thomas & Paty